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System Changelog

Changes in the long darkness of no LARP

  • People combatants nolonger start bleeding out when they are first dropped.
    • Fights in the city no longer default to being to the death, people monsters should run away when wounded normally.
    • Removed Fated soulshape as it is now mostly baseline, added Careful with the bits of it that weren't.
    • SUBDUE added for actively preventing enemies from escaping without murder.

Following First 2020 Playtest

  • Changed TRIP to FALL to avoid confusion with TRIPLE
  • Updated the wiki with the new calls pretty much everywhere
  • Shields block calls now, but still have movement limitations. Higher level shield skills that remove those restrictions are still up for review but are too high level to appear in the next playtest.
  • Creators can now use Potential to HEAL as a distinct but related ability to Constructs (ie. not using up an active creation slot)
  • Uncertainty Magic now works differently to allow the user to keep fighting during cast whilst still keeping the unpredictability element in play
  • Added the experimental Ethereal soulshape as an attempt to make things better for people strongly inclined against varying damage levels
  • Added the Fated soulshape for people who don't like accidental combat death or the risk thereof at all

Last Minute Change before playtest

  • Changed the actual words for calls to make them shorter before anyone actually learned them. Soon they will be updated everywhere but for now:
    • DAZE → STUN
    • WEAKEN → SAP
    • REPEL → PUSH

Further Changes for 2020 Relaunch

  • Humans are deer people now!
  • Rewrote the combat rules/calls page to make things a lot simpler and easier to follow (plus it no longer looks like ass on mobile!)
  • Rewrote the Favour system so that it involves much less maths and is easier to follow (more organisations to be written up in the near future)
  • Adjusted the Selling Yourself skill slightly to suit the updated Favour system
  • Minor tweaks like Warriors can't spam Burn Void to heal from the damage Burn Void does to them
  • Provided more relevant information on what life in Gari is like on its page
  • Tidied away information on nations outside of Falgarias so as not to confuse people when most characters are expected to come from Falgarias and aren't expected to know all that
  • When you die, you can haunt the party as your dead character's soul
  • Made the narrative death warning more explicit
  • RESIST is more versatile and can be used to end an impairment that is currently ongoing instead of just avoiding one
  • Clarified some points on the Acceptable Themes Policy to bring it in line with the most recent RPGsoc CAT policy

Following Second Playtest

  • Warriors are substantially simplified to bring them in line with other classes
    • There are now only two Exhaustions - Off-balance (was Extend Suffering) and Faltering (was Concussion)
    • Added Recuperation skills to allow them to recover from some stacks of Exhaustion between encounters
    • Burn Self has a use limit now that it doesn't reduce hits, but must be used within first 10 seconds of death count
  • Priests are substantially simplified to bring them in line with other classes
    • Congregations are explicitly formed at the start of the adventure and typically remain consistent
    • Simpler rules for who can go in the Congregation
    • Buff skills provide a fixed number of buffs per Spirit hit instead of scaling weirdly with Congregation size
    • Changed Selflessness to Flexibility and added some extra features
    • Added Outreach skill to allow easier buffing and healing outside of the Congregation in emergencies
  • Reduced Creator Contraption build time to 10s
  • Clarified that Contraptions also fall apart when you fall unconscious
  • Doctor's Drive Back reduced to 1 per encounter
  • Spirit Guides are simplified - Katas just have a cast time now, and repositioning happens between casts
  • Reduced the effect of the Spirit Guide Linkage refresh
  • CONTACT duration grace timer on first hit reduced to 3s
  • Backstab CONTACT is broken on taking damage
  • Stopped pre-healing with folk medicine
  • For now - bullet-pointed quick list of what sorts of things will go in the “Running an Adventure” page
  • Published the section of the Character Death page on narrative death which was meant to be included before the playtest but apparently got missed

Following First Playtest

  • Default simpler method of Spirit Guide Katas added
  • Targeting cone of Katas adjusted
  • Mage spellcasting resource simplified and cast times standardised
  • Fast casting options added to mage
  • Other types of mage added
  • Priest added
  • Warrior, clear gap added between manoeuvres to prevent them getting too spammy.
  • Warrior, synergy between Off-Balance and Take them With You removed, it was a concept, playtesting demonstrated it got a bit silly for the monsters
  • Requirements to concentrate fully to resist an effect made less harsh in order to decrease loss of agency/fun
  • Disarm now allows the natural weapons version as default effect to reduce trodden on kit
  • Requirement for audible cue added to constructs
  • Added Measured soul shape for those who want to avoid resource management
  • Slightly buffed Medium shield. Now only locks leg when blocking damage (if that is clunky to track there are always large shields instead)
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