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Organisations and Favour

You can generally assume that your character can trivially obtain any equipment such as weapons they may use, but what about more substantial things? Whilst a barter system is used across the Myriad Nations, and there are still some who deal in the currency of the Ennarian colonists (the Riel), these don't tend to be sufficient to do more complex things, or things that tend to be useful to adventurers. For that, what becomes important is the network of favours and goodwill owed by organisations you've worked with before.

Earning Favour

  • Favour is a number which abstractly represents how much an organisation likes you
  • Adventures are usually rewarded with Favour, if the adventure goes well this is usually with whoever hired you
    • 1 Favour: Useful stuff for minimal personal cost handed over in debrief that matches with the organisation’s scope/ethos
    • 2 Favour: Hand over things of moderate value that match with the organisation’s scope/ethos
    • 5-10 Favour: Typical reward for successfully doing an adventure for the organisation
  • Favour is specific to the organisation it was earned with
  • You can hold positive favour with up to 3 different organisations at once (this may be increased by skills)
  • If you gain favour with more organisations than this on an adventure you must spend it or otherwise transfer it (see below) by the end of the debrief


  • You can be a member of 1 organisation you have positive favour with (this may be increased by skills)
  • Becoming a member of an organisation is free
  • Each organisation has a “membership cost”, listed on their page, based on the size and power of the organisation. As a member you have a member rank for as many times this cost you have favour in that organisation, up to 5.
    • eg. You are a member of Wizard Club, which has a membership cost of 6. You currently have 14 Favour, which is twice the cost (with a little change), so your membership rank is 2.
  • Your rank as a member determines your position within it, and has roleplaying consequences: a rank 1 member is typically a low-level member whilst at rank 5 you're high up or straight up in charge, and other members of the organisation will generally listen to you or follow your orders.
  • If you become a rank 5 member of too large and powerful an organisation you may need to retire your character into being an NPC as they no longer have enough time to adventure, the LARP organisers will discuss this with you if it has any risk of happening
  • Each rank also provides 1 tempoary Favour per adventure which may be used to get the organisation to do something for you on that adventure. If you don't use this it goes away.
  • Whilst joining is free, organisations don't tend to like it if you leave. To make sure you've tidied up loose ends and stopped being a full member on cordial terms, to cease being a member of an organisation you are at least rank 1 with costs that organisation's membership cost in Favour.
    • eg. You're still a member of Wizard Club with its cost of 6, and still have that 14 Favour. But you want to stop being a full member to join the Illiask All Day Bardic Supply Store Association instead, so you lose 6 and are left just holding 8 Favour with Wizard Club without being a member.
    • As you are now in a position to become a member of another organisation, you become a member of the Association, which is free.

Negative Favour

  • In rare circumstances if you particularly annoy an organisation, you may lose Favour with them
  • This can lead to you ending up with negative Favour with that organisation, representing how much they dislike you
  • Organisations you have negative Favour with do not count against the limit of organisations you can hold Favour with
  • For as many times the organisation cost as you have negative Favour, that organisation may perform 1 Favour worth of actions against you per adventure, as they dislike you enough to start working against you.
    • eg. Having left Wizard Club, spread propaganda against them and delivered bear turds to their families, Wizard Club now really don't like you and you have -11 Favour with them. Because you haven't quite hit minus double the organisation's cost, they only get 1 Favour to use against you
    • On each adventure you go on, the GM may now have Wizard Club act against you as though someone had spent 1 point of Favour with them to do so (see below), until you get back in their good books
  • When you go on an adventure, you should inform a GM of any negative Favour you may have

Spending Favour

  • You can spend Favour to get an organisation to attempt to do things for you
  • The organisation's page will specify the sorts of things they are capable of
  • If you are getting the organisation to do something that is beyond their capabilities, they may fail
    • eg. with enough Favour you can convince a small group of hired thugs to attack an army, although they're never going to be able to win against them without additional outside help, the best you can hope for is to delay or distract the enemy
  • If the organisation can provide Alchemy the base cost is 1 Favour per 4 points of Alchemy they provide you for an adventure
  • Currently for organisations capable of supplying one, a 1 Favour base cost allows loan of an Ennarian Medkit for an adventure, to be returned if not used
  • For other items or more narrative things the base cost is around 1-5 Favour depending on the scale of the thing you want the organisation to do:
    • Things on the scale of a single encounter generally cost 1 Favour (eg. get the local Watch to round up some thugs who are attacking you)
    • Things on the scale of an adventure generally cost around 3 Favour (eg. get the local magical experts to carry out extensive study into a particular phenomenon)
    • Things on a multi-adventure/campaign scale generally cost around 5 Favour (eg. get the local army to invade a nearby nation)
  • If an organisation is trying to do things outside its normal area of operations (eg. getting the Gari Watch to do something in Illiask) then the cost is doubled
    • Organisations can't generally do things too far out of their normal area of operation (more than 2 scales above their reach). So you can't get the Gari Watch to travel half way across the continent but you might be able to get them to do something in one of Falgarias' neighbours if you ask nicely enough
  • If what you want an organisation to do doesn't fit their ethos (ie. it's not something they'd eventually want to get round to doing anyway if you weren't asking), the cost is doubled
  • If what you want an organisation to do is in opposition to their ethos, the cost is instead quadrupled

Transferring Favour

  • You can transfer Favour between organisations between adventures/in debrief by arranging one to do things for the other in your name
  • If the ethos of one organisation is in opposition to the ethos of another, you cannot transfer Favour between them
  • Otherwise, you can spend 2 Favour with one organisation to gain 1 Favour with another
  • If the scales of the source organisation and target organisation are within reach of each other, you can spend 1 Favour with one organisation to gain 1 Favour with an organisation that you're a member of
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