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Running An Adventure

This page will contain details and advice for potential GMs wishing to run an adventure. For now this is a quick bullet-pointed list of the sorts of things we expect will appear here in the next few weeks:

  • Every few weeks a slot will be set aside for a Greater Vision Quest. Anyone may GM either a regular or Greater Vision Quest adventure.
  • Greater Vision Quests provide more opportunity to do esoteric and unusual things.
  • It is recommended to have at least two GMs - the main GM and a co-GM. Usually one will follow the player party and deal with their foolery and the other will brief the monsters.
  • Barring unlikely unforeseen disasters each week there will be at least one Metaphysic GM to hand (typically a LARPO) to answer any awkward metaphysic-type queries.
    • If you think an adventure you're writing may touch on the metaphysic, you may wish to consider running it by a Metaphysic GM first to make sure it fits and makes sense.
  • All adventures should have a Vision Quest (or a Milestone in the case of a Greater Vision Quest) after around 3 combat encounters or so, so there will typically be 2-3 of these per adventure.
  • You should aim to have at least some sentient (or sentient-like) monster roles turning up in your adventures, as whilst the land has had a wild animal problem since the Moonrise Event, people are usually more interesting to play.
  • Monster stats should tend to be around equivalent to a player of the relevant level buying only general skills and having no resource, with the occasional thing which is a little more dangerous.
  • Without a very specific reason to be fighting to the death monsters (sentient and otherwise) should be using their HEAL after getting dropped to flee the encounter but sentient ones should equally should be reasonably fine with the players fleeing.
  • Non-lethal TPKs should allow whatever the players were trying to prevent to go ahead but not necessarily have any major consequence to the players themselves (try to make sure that the goals of your opposition are ones that are reasonable for the continuance of the setting just in case the players don't actually care enough to risk their lives stopping them)
  • When aiming to make things particularly tough, tend towards giving them HEAL calls rather than a whole load of hit points.
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