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The Lead Nation and the largest of all the Myriad Nations, found some way North of Falgarias, there are surviving records indicating that Iruspin has existed for at least half a millenium. About 320 years ago it became the Lead Nation in a coordinated coup, infiltrating the upper ranks of the Imperial Army and allying with various small and now forgotten nations of the age with the promise of them sharing in power over the Myriad Nations for launching co-ordinated strikes on Tenetria's borders in strategic areas. Once the balance in power had shifted, those other nations were wiped out and the power consolidated.


In addition to being the Lead Nation, Iruspin thrives as a large and central nation, and is something of a major trade hub at the heart of Ardora. With a fairly high population density, the nation can get fairly crowded. Many travel there to seek their fortune, some achieving great things and many more falling to the wayside. The big city and its surrounding lands can be cold and unforgiving, but at least with much of the Imperial Army typically stationed there and keeping order, Iruspin is a fairly safe place to be.

The Iruspin royal family with the Emperor Orei VII at its head has a fairly large powerbase, but many privileges are enjoyed by those who do manage to make it big and join the elite of powerful merchants. Thanks to a rich history of marrying into the family and passing the name down via both blood and adoption, as much as about 1% of the population now bear the name Iruspin, although the family keep good records of who exactly bears the bloodline and thus a greater potential to inherit the throne.

Although the actions of the family under Emperor Anturv II some centuries ago that gained Iruspin its current position of power can generally be considered to have been quite evil, those of the family today are generally regretful of the actions of their ancestors. Nonetheless they have done little to make amends for these actions.

Attitudes towards the royal family are mixed partly because of their past and partly because of their relatively closed approach to rule save taking input from powerful merchants. Depending on which parts of the nation one tends to frequent, bearing the name Iruspin can therefore be as much a mark of shame as it is of honour.

Outsider Description: Usurping Imperial bigwigs

Genus Demographics

The vast population of Iruspin is a diverse mixture of all Genera.

Naming Convention

Not counting those who travel there to trade or seek fortune, those of Iruspin tend to have a personal name and optionally a family name. If they in any way descend from those of the Iruspin family, including by adotion, they will typically take Iruspin as their family name.


  • Helena Wainwright
  • Maurice
  • Zulaikha Iruspin


Iruspin is a monarchy with a single royal family in charge. However, the Emperor is known to take advice from some of the nation's more powerful merchants whose influences reach that high, on both matters of state and those concerning the entire Myriad Nations.

The basic set of laws of Iruspin are generally left well alone - theft and property damage are punished perhaps more harshly than in other nations because of the influence of the merchants, but otherwise the sorts of things one might expect to be illegal are so.

Beyond this the main focus of law is a more distilled form of the prevailing law over all of the Myriad Nations: “do what the Emperor says”, where they have a tendency to send out diktat which pulls much of the nation to focus on whatever they happen to think is important. In most cases it is actually for the benefit of the Myriad Nations or at least Iruspin, although it is not always on the whole the best thing to be focusing on at the time.

Attacks against the name or honour of the family Iruspin were previously illegal and punishable by death. After a couple of generations of this, when Orei VII came into power they decreed that this would no longer be the case. Though widely seen as new start and helping to turn around the favour of the people which was starting to slide away from the family, there are plenty of murmurings that the “family” so far as it covers those who bear the name had simply grown too large for it to be a practical law to enforce.

Those who commit crime are granted a trial, but this is generally overseen by powerful merchants. The Emperor does have the ability to step in and grant anybody a pardon (or declare them immediately guilty), although the last time this happened was a couple of decades ago.


Iruspin has its fair share of those of a religious bent. Thanks to enthusiastic donation collection from those who are promised great fortune for her worship, the church of Sukuna, God of Fortune has itself become quite a significant entity. Church services in Iruspin are often quite business-like, and some of the merchants are known to meet and do business there.

Notable Organisations

Active Plot Threads

  • Besides official diktat along the lines of “we don't know what even either, tell us if you find out” in the immediate aftermath of the Moonrise event, for the past few months the Imperial Palace has been relatively quiet, with far fewer commands issued by the Emperor than usual. Rumours abound that the family Iruspin are up to something dodgy. (Chaos)
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