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In a world beset with strange dreams, stranger powers, wildlife on a rampage and the sudden appearance of a weird object in the night sky which people of all Genera are calling “the moon”, our story centres around the people of three distinct nations banding together in a hasty and precarious arrangement, a desperate measure for desperate times.

From amongst the now ancient Myriad Nations, follow the adventures of the newly formed nation of Falgarias, formed in the wake of the Moonrise event from the three nations of Faltur (a rigid social heirachy ruled by hereditary aristocracy), Gari (theocratic and community centred, with a politely ignored criminal underbelly) and Illiask (somewhere between an Anarchic Collective and a group of crime syndicates). The nation of Falgarias as a whole hasn't yet really started integrating between the nations with every region being effectively governed by one of the former nations, even the newly started capital (somewhat unimaginatively named Falgarias) is purely approached as separate districts of the 3 nations. Actions of the players will shape the development of the nation into some form of cohesive whole trying to usurp the lead nation or its shattering back to broken parts.

Players are among those who suddenly find themselves with new and never before seen powers with unmatched scope and potential even as others seem to be fading away as Echoes. These powers are rare and special and virtually unheard of in the hands of anyone who would once have been thought of as politically important. Those with these powers in the physical world seem to also have access to strange Vision Quests somehow linked to their powers which affect the world in often confusing ways.

Not everyone was as capable of withstanding the aftermath of the Moonrise event as the people of Falgarias. More than anyone else the people of the Ennarian Colonies, whose technological wonders had begun the process of changing the face of the Myriad Nations, suffered. What were once proud bastions of some distant imperialistic power now lie in ruins, but their last still functional devices serve as a beacon to scavengers and opportunists.

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