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Moonrise largely revolves around the nation of Falgarias, one of the larger of the Myriad Nations whose land lies near the heart of the mainland. Until recently it was three separate small nations in close proximity who in spite of their different outlooks were generally at peace: Faltur, Gari and Illiask, although following the Moonrise event the three have combined forces to form a single larger nation which can better deal with the current turmoil.

The idea of combining the nations was raised seemingly from nowhere in the immediate aftermath of the Moonrise Event, and at that point it suddenly made a lot of sense - the three had been on reasonable terms after they between them extinguished Vella, a hostile nation which had sprung up in the middle of them and was making moves on all of their land. With the world suddenly a more dangerous place they would be far more likely to survive if they pooled their efforts and worked together. Combining would also make them one of the larger nations on the continent, which itself has advantages, and would potentially even allow them to contend with the Lead Nation further down the line, once all of the Moonrise stuff calmed down.

So went the theory, anyway. And with Iruspin suddenly getting quiet that last point suddenly became a lot more appealing. Dreaming of a day when perhaps their combined nation will become the Lead Nation and be at the head of an entire empire, of course with their nation being the most important of the three and thus in charge, the representatives of the three, Queen Alyssa IV, the council of Gari and the one person in Illiask who happened to have all of the favours to call in had a series of meetings in which agreements were made, treaties were signed and plans were drawn up and put into action. And so the lands of the three were considered the lands of Falgarias, although still in their own ways associated with each of the nations.

Of course, the nations remain quite distinct in their outlooks, and how well this will all hold up remains to be seen.

To signify their unison the people of Falgarias have begun to construct a city by the same name atop the ruins of the capital of Vella. They have moved much of the function of their individual capitals there, intending for it to become the capital of their new combined nation. As it is still under construction, the setup is not ideal, and House Falss of Faltur and the Gari council are currently operating from makeshift structures set up whilst the workings of a great palace and council chambers are built from the ground up.

Keen to see their new capital defended given that the wildlife has generally become more hostile, groups have sprung up to provide some defence for the city, generally at the request of the component nations' respective leaders. For now, they have between them managed to put up a fairly makeshift palisade wall and dug a ditch around it to protect the city.


Much of the culture of Falgarias is, for now, largely limited to the cultures of its component nations. See the separate pages for Faltur, Gari and Illiask for more information on Genus demographics, naming conventions, governance, legal matters and religion in these parts of the nation.


The governance of Falgarias as a combined entity remains in a somewhat grey area. There are regular meetings between Queen Alyssa IV, representatives of the Gari council and whoever happens to be important in Illiask at the time, and each tend to remain thinking that they are in charge and it is only a matter of time before their nation is cemented as being the most important in Falgarias. There has simply been not enough time for any particular swing in the balance to occur yet, and this is a subject which will be explored during the game.

In absence of any form of “federal” law being agreed upon thusfar, for the time being whilst in the lands of one of the component nations, one is subject to the laws of that nation. The city of Falgarias at the centre of the nation is divided into districts, one for each of Faltur, Gari and Illiask, and whilst there one is subject to laws appropriate for the district one is in.

Notable Organisations

Active Plot Threads

  • The fact that there is no common law is causing various issues around the borders between the component nations. Things continue to fall apart painfully where conflicts arise between members of different parts of the nation.
  • There is currently no unified plan for defence of Falgarias city, simply three separate plans that the city needs defending acting without much co-ordination
  • Whilst capable of functioning as one nation, Falgarias does not have a single direction in which it is heading and thus it is tripping over its own toes
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