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The Ennarian Colonies

Somewhere on the other side of the world to Ardora is another continent called Soldera, which is largely home to the Ennarian Empire. With their advanced crystal-based technology they became capable of long-distance travel some decades ago, and their colonists arrived on the shores of Ardora.

All of them Human, they seemed to come with peaceful intent, and so they were welcomed and they set up various colonies around the continent near the coast and on some nearby islands. Whilst the limited amount of their advanced technology which proliferated among the Myriad Nations was largely seen as a novelty which at best made some small improvement to one's life, for the Ennarians it was central to their way of life. With large structures channeling power and recharging their devices they depended heavily on their technology for transport, communication, food and water supplies and protection.

Unsurprisingly, they did not cope well with the Moonrise Event. The instant all of their technology failed their colonies began to fall apart, not just metaphorically but sometimes physically too. So dependant upon it they had become that without it they did not know how to survive in a hostile world, and a few attacks from wildlife spooked by the strange goings on were generally all it took to finish them off.

All of the Ennarian colonies now lie in ruins, and most of the colonists are dead. Perhaps occasionally one will find the occasional Ennarian refugee desperately trying to adapt to a less technology-aided life in their travels, but they are a rare sight now. The colonies still wait, perhaps ripe for exploration and scavenging, as whilst they are generally quite dangerous places to visit for collapsed structures and no real protection or shelter against wildlife, there may yet be some of the Ennarian technologies which still hold some charge waiting to be discovered there, such as the highly prized Ennarian medical kits.

It is not possible for a player character to come from the Ennarian colonies.

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