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Technology on Ardora is on a level similar to that of the Roman Empire of our world - advanced feats of engineering have been achieved, but technology on the level of gunpowder or movable type does not exist.

Medical technology for medical experts takes the form of various substances mixed from herbs and similar ingredients which can be administered to promote healing or enhance someone to a much more efficacious extent than herbal remedies would in our world.


The Ennarian colonists brought with them some examples of their technology which is highly advanced compared with Ardoran technology. Ennarian technology was on a level similar to that of the modern day of our world - portable computing devices, weapons capable of killing at range with a single shot, and so on. Thematically it has more of a “magitech” feel, with objects often formed from crystals or with glowing crystals mounted in them in some way.

Whilst the more primitive technology used in day to day life has remained unaffected by the Moonrise Event, the advanced technology brought by the colonists has mostly stopped working. A number of devices which operate on limited charge continue to work, though can no longer be recharged and are an ever dwindling resource, making such things valuable relics.

Most notable are the strange technological medical kits which are the only known stable form of efficacious healing which one may carry in a portable form and use without any particular expertise. There is only a limited number of these known to still exist in a usable capacity.

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