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Religious Affinities

These are intended as a jumping off point to characterisation and a sometimes useful setting hook. If you don't have any characterisation yet or aren't interested you can treat your character as Indifferent to all aspects.

Some have made attempts to describe the gods as having shared elements of their ethoses. Regardless of the in universe validity of those shared elements they are a convenient game mechanical hook to identify how much a character agrees with or is repulsed by the fundamentals of a given religion. Choose the statement that best maps to your characters opinion on the axis. The characters answers are important to how they interact with priests and potentially other metaphysical elements. Your character's opinions on these elements are free to change and develop in play. Declaring yourself fully aligned to everything will get the LARPOs to give you some very suspicious looks.

Instinct/Intuition/Natural Law

  • Always trust your gut feeling about things - Strongly Aligned
  • One need never ponder a situation too deeply the right answer was almost certainly the first one that sprang to mind - Loosely Aligned
  • First impressions are sometimes useful but one shouldn't put too much importance on them - Indifferent
  • One should always try to push past one's prejudices and consider any situation objectively - Anti-Aligned


  • It is the duty of the powerful to control the weak - Strongly Aligned
  • The powerful should control the weak, but only if I’m in the former category - Loosely Aligned
  • Power has no moral value to me - Indifferent
  • Those of power should be shackled by their duty of service to those without - Anti-Aligned

Peace/Unconditional Love/Self Sacrifice

  • My needs are less important than the needs of those around me - Strongly Aligned
  • I willingly put my life on the line for those who I care for - Loosely Aligned
  • I would put myself at risk for those I love - Indifferent
  • There could never be someone more important to me than myself - Anti-Aligned


  • Civilisation would collapse if people did not know and stick to their place in it, and that would be terrible - Strongly Aligned
  • It is important to change oneself to fit in with society - Loosely Aligned
  • I appreciate what the community around me does to help me - Indifferent
  • Community is a lie, there is only the individual - Anti-Aligned


  • The explanation is more important than the solution in all cases - Strongly Aligned
  • There is thrill in discovering answers to the world's mysteries - Loosely Aligned
  • There is no satisfaction to be gained from finding the answers to questions - Indifferent
  • Knowledge is dangerous, we already know enough - Anti-Aligned
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