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Not coming with any particular descriptive name beyond Illiask, it can be difficult for an outsider to describe the smallest of the three nations or its governance. Even among its people there is no firm consensus as to how the nation could be described, though terms that get thrown around from time to time include “Anarchic Collective” and “Oligarchy of Dodgy ****s”.


In essence, Illiask society is the favour-based bartering system used by the Myriad Nations exemplified, a place where all start on the same first rung of the ladder and what power one can obtain is entirely about what one can achieve through one’s own means.

In practice, people of Illiask tend to form networks of people they are working with or for whom they provide, with no explicit expectation of recompense. People generally have a thing that they do, and it is simply accepted that when others in one's network need that thing they'll do it, in the same way that they will then provide their aid when required.

An interesting side-effect of teenage rebellion/personal growth in all of this is that upon reaching adulthood, people don't tend to be moving in the same circles as their parents and will typically have little interaction with a network of people that may have provided all of their needs whilst growing up.

Most occupations find some place in a network in Illiask - obviously those who can provide the essentials such as bakers, tailors, etc. are always appreciated, whilst artists are often called upon to produce works for the churches or powerful patrons.

The people of Illiask view the giving of one's word as of great importance, and not something to be done lightly. To give one's word that one will do something is to promise that it will be done with as much weight as one's own life and the lives of those they care about.

Outsider Description: Chaotic murderous cluster****

Genus Demographics

The people of Illiask are a diverse mixture of all of the Genera typically found in the Myriad Nations.

Naming Convention

There is no real naming convention in Illiask - typically people go by whatever name they want to, or at least by whatever they can convince others to call them.


  • Francine
  • The Right Honourable Gentleman
  • The guy with the thing for trees


The notion of holding political power in Illiask is entirely based around what favours one can call in, so naturally those with a knack for social manoeuvering and manipulation tend to come out on top. However, no position of power in Illiask can really be considered stable. Despite this, somehow the ever changing social structure forms a stable power block which has stood for over a century.

Illiask has no centralised concept of what is a crime. Vengeance is taken by those who have the ability and influence to take it proportional to how wronged they personally feel. Notably however people who spend their influence chasing down minor slights don’t tend to stay powerful and influential for long.

A strange consequence of the nature of Illiask justice is the general desire to, if you really are pissed off with someone, make sure that you not only kill them but anyone who might feel a desire to dedicate themselves to vengeance over it.


The people of Illiask do not know their gods by a single, consistent name. Rather each can be described to others in terms of what they are the god of, but names by which to call them are personal to their followers. In their worship each will find the name of the god which calls out to them, for this is how you truly forge your relationship with your god. To call on a god by the name held by another is to call on that other and not the god themself.

Each of the gods of Illiask has a moderately large cult within the city, and many laypeople even if they do not actively worship and do not have a specific name for any of them will at least show respect to them and what they represent.

Notable Organisations

Active Plot Threads

  • Generally things which are relevant to Falgarias as a whole
  • The person who negotiated Illiask's integration into Falgarias and pushed to make it happen called in and burned so many favours to make it happen that they are left effectively a nobody. Now there is nobody of importance publicly in favour of the continued integration.
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