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The Moonrise Event

Moonrise takes place in the aftermath of a mysterious phenomenon known as the Moonrise Event. The precise details of what exactly happened are unclear, but some who were still awake late into that fateful night about six months before the game start felt the ground shake somewhat, like an earthquake. Around that time, most of the advanced technological devices brought over by settling colonists ceased to function.

Since then, the following changes have been observed:

  • Animals seem to generally be more unsettled and on edge. Settlements continue to be destroyed thanks to wildlife getting more easily spooked into stampeding.
  • Some people occasionally report strange dreams. Whilst they do not always remember all of the details, they usually describe these dreams as spiritual journeys of self-discovery.
  • Those who have had these dreams begin to manifest strange powers, which are often extensions of what they did in day to day life. Those who have gained such power are known as Enlightened.
    • For example, trained warriors find themselves with a fresh understanding of how to fight and are capable of feats of battle which others consider to be physically impossible.
    • Those of a more scholarly inclination sometimes manifest new powers and understanding of a sort not seen before. These powers have come to be called magic, and their users Mages.
    • Another new form of power which some people seem to obtain is an understanding of an abstract space akin to a dream. Little is understood about this space except that by visiting it and fulfilling some requirement there, an act known as a Vision Quest, power and insight may be gained. Those who gain this understanding are rare, and known as Spirit Guides.
  • Some people occasionally undergo a change in which they cease to interact normally with the world. These unfortunate people are referred to as Echoes.
  • There is a new, bright object in the night sky which was not there before, which people are calling the Moon.
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