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Character Advancement

There are 4 levels of power, characters start at level 1:

  • Level 1: Enlightened
  • Level 2: Awakened
  • Level 3: Empowered
  • Level 4: Ascendent

A character must complete a Greater Vision Quest of appropriate level or 8 lesser Vision Quests (this is intended as a fallback mechanism) in order to level up.

XP is earned by non-Wildcard characters going on an adventure or by monstering. XP earned by playing may only be spent on that character (if they did not die/retire that LARP), XP earned by monstering may be spend on any character. All skills cost 1 XP.

Completing adventures will generally reward the players with Reputation with the organisations that desired that outcome, though may lose Reputation with any that they have explicitly gone out of their way the thwart or wrong.

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