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Vision Quests

Vision Quests are a new experience seemingly available only to the Enlightened. They seem to be in some way linked to the strange powers of the Enlightened as experiencing them can Refresh the abilities of the Enlightened to behave in their ways that otherwise appear to defy natural laws and sense. All Vision Quests appear to take place in strange environments that in many ways appear to operate on dream logic. Ones physical prowess and skill with a weapon is generally of little use in what is often a somewhat nonsensical environment.

Vision Quests come in two major forms, Lesser Visions Quests which last a single encounter and Greater Vision Quests which last a whole adventure.

Lesser Vision Quests

Lesser Vision Quests are mostly voluntarily entered into by Enlightened who can sense the opportunity the world around them provides. The contents are often related to the surrounding area, and events and interactions on the Vision Quest will often have profound effects in the Physical World.

A Vision Quest will typically have some goal which must be met, although it is not always immediately obvious upon entering what this is. Once fulfilled, Enlightened tend to feel a sense of insight and understanding, and their abilities will be fully refreshed.

Generally the bodies of those entering into a Vision Quest will remain behind unconscious and insensate to the world around them. Enlightened who have experienced more than one vision quest will tend to enter a meditative pose whilst entering a Vision Quest, if only to avoid finding bruises upon awakening.

Typically a Vision Quest will occur for every few combat encounters of an adventure, so there will usually be 2-3 per adventure.

Greater Vision Quests

Currently nobody knows of a way to voluntarily trigger a Greater Vision Quest. They seem to have no rhyme or reason to who they target and have little apparent relationship to the Physical World.

These also seem to have a goal which must be met, although usually on a grander scale. Though certain tasks within such a journey tend to stand out as being somehow important, even if it does not seem that way at the time, and completing these appears to provide that same sense of insight and with it refresh one's abilities. These Milestones will typically occur on a Greater Vision Quest once every few combat encounters, like Lesser Vision Quests on regular adventures.

Some have noticed a pattern of an extreme sense of foreboding felt by those who will go on one in the days leading up to it which some have started to use as a warning sign to call in favours to ensure they are well supplied.

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