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Welcome to Moonrise, a LARP system (currently being proposed, later we will potentially say here when and where we meet.)

For monstering basics see Basic Abilities and Combat Rules and Calls and you’re good to go. Whilst we’ll have a go over of the calls at the start of a LARP with anyone new it helps to have had a look before.

For those looking to play move on to Character Generation which should hopefully guide you through the process after you’ve looked at the monstering basics.

For those interested in the setting it is suggested you start with the Setting Introduction.

For centuries the Myriad Nations of Ardora have lived. Nations have risen and fallen, but nothing has so shaken life for their people as the Moonrise.

Not the wars of the past, nor even the arrival of the colonists from distant lands, with their incredible advanced technology.

None of this can compare to the current time, when even the wildlife is on edge, when all of that advanced technology has ceased to function, when people are plagued with strange dreams and stranger still mystical powers, when suddenly, in their sleep, people are inexplicably going wrong.

And strangest of all is the bright new light in the night sky, not unlike a planet, which people have come to refer to as “the Moon”.

Moonrise, a game of spiritual discovery, metaphysical intrigue and the moon.

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