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Basic Capabilities

All sentient beings in the setting have the following capabilities as baseline:

  • Have 4 physical hits and 4 spirit hits
  • May wear armour of any sort for 4 more hits and a VOID of the same type (physical armour is trivial to obtain, spiritual armour is explicitly granted by skills, you only gain the benefits of a type of armour when fighting with its type of stats)
  • Bleed to death (Physical) or discorporate (Vision Quest) over the course of 60 seconds once reduced to 0 hits.
  • Hit for SINGLE with normal weapons (sub 36 inch and main gauche/buckler)
  • Hit for SINGLE followed by taking a DISARM with any other weapon
  • Use consumables for their stated effects
  • Slowly drag an unresisting person with both hands
  • Call EXECUTE on a fallen target with 10 seconds of continuous weapon attacks

All individuals who have experienced significant conflict or expect to experience conflict, such as adventurers, guards, or bandits have the following capabilities in addition:

  • Know their own physical limits so they are first dropped without starting to bleed out
  • May to choose to push their limits putting themselves at risk of death in a fight. Applying a HEAL to themselves whilst down once per encounter but causing themselves to start bleeding out over the course of 60 seconds whenever they are dropped to 0 hits for the remainder of the encounter
  • Provide basic first aid over the course of about half an hour to treat their own wounds restoring to full hits
  • Provide spiritual support to a downed individual to pause their death count (STABILISE CONTACT) and eventually stabilise them after 5 minutes of resting a weapon on them and praying (STABILISE ONGOING)
  • Work to capture a downed individual (SUBDUE CONTACT) and eventually reduce them to a state where they are unable to rejoin the fight but are not harmed in the long term after 5 minutes of full attention with a weapon (SUBDUE ONGOING)
  • Carry a travel backpack with sufficient supplies to cater for their own needs for a typical adventure though more taxing/extended adventures could overstretch this capacity
  • Acquire between adventures appropriate equipment to make use of their skills

All Enlightened (which includes all PCs) are additionally capable of the following:

  • Sacrifice themselves in order to perform an Act of Power appropriate to their class.
  • Refresh their class resource by reaching a milestone in a Greater Vision Quest or completing a Lesser Vision Quest
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