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For as far back as its people have records the people of Ardora have formed many nations, but it was not always as united as it is in the era of the Myriad Nations. Several centuries ago many of the nations were at constant war, and seeking an end to the bloodshed the ruler of Tenetria set upon a path of careful and calculated conquest, winning over those who opposed her with strategic victories coupled with the promise that all of the fighting would end and that they could still be their own nations under her overarching rule. This was Fellion, the first Emperor of the Myriad Nations, and thus the nations were united.

About three centuries ago in a coordinated coup Tenetria’s position as the Lead Nation was overthrown, and Iruspin took its place, growing to become the largest of the Nations.

About 20 years ago the first of the colonists arrived. All Human and claiming to be from the Ennarian Empire from far distant land called Soldera, they brought with them incredible advanced technology, which functioned by channeling some form of energy into crystals mounted on special devices. They seemed to come with peaceful intent, and so were welcomed, and set up small colonies in a number of places near the coast of Ardora and on nearby islands.

In the subsequent years a limited amount of their technology proliferated among the people of the Myriad Nations through trading, although seen by many as only a novelty, and certainly its use has not been nearly as widespread outside of the colonies.

About six months before the game start, the Moonrise Event occurred.


Nations generally have their own calendars. The newly combined nation of Falgarias uses the point of its founding as the zero date for its calendar.

  • 0 AF - After some hasty agreements are made, Falgarias is formed from Faltur, Gari and Illiask
  • 1 BF - (2 months before Falgarias) The Moonrise Event
  • 13 BF - With some Ennarian technology starting to spread, the first of the Micro-Nations begin spring up
  • 21 BF - The first Ennarian colonists show up
  • 22 BF - The last known person of the bloodline of House Lune of Faltur dies in mysterious circumstances
  • 34 BF - Vella, a small, excessively hostile nation that occupied the area that is now Falgarias, is destroyed in a coordinated attack on all three sides by Faltur, Gari and Illiask
  • 96 BF - Nomads from a distant part of Ardora settle to form the Gari nation
  • 105 BF - House Falss recovers rulership of Faltur from House Lune
  • 117 BF - The earliest record of Illiask existing as a defined nation
  • ~150 BF - House Lune overthrows House Falss as the ruling family of Faltur
  • 281 BF - The earliest records of the noble houses of Faltur
  • ~320 BF - With a coordinated coup Iruspin overthrows Tenetria as the Lead Nation
  • ~600 BF - Felion, ruler of Tenetria, unites most of Ardora and the Myriad Nations are formed
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