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One of the twin gods of Foroth, believed to take the form of a Dracata woman with two large pairs of wings. Like her brother, she has scripture which places some restrictions on how her followers are expected to conduct their lives.

Among other things, her followers are expected to:

  • Remain indoors between the sixth and eighth hours of sunlight each day
  • Consume white meat at most twice a week
  • Grow crops according to a specific rotation (which is different to that in Pal's scripture)
  • At least once a week, wash oneself in the waters of the local river in a particular manner

Thematic Elements

Leading Element: Order
Lesser Element: Conquest
Opposing Element: Understanding


  • Live according to the scriptures of Cos, for they will lead to a long and healthy life.
  • Do not be led astray by the servants of other gods.
  • Bring the way of scripture to others, so that they too may know its benefits.
  • Those who know that their path is true should not hesitate to follow it.

Known Heresies/Schisms

  • Any disagreements tend to be with the followers of Pal.
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