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Dekuna, God of Legacy

The Iruspin god of memory and legacy. To follow Dekuna is to recognise the importance of making an impact and leaving a lasting legacy to be remembered by.

The Church of Dekuna keep detailed records of the extent of their followers have shown their devotion, maintaining a list of how many times worshippers have attended services, etc. A leaderboard is maintained within the Church, and those who reach its heights are remembered and honoured there.

Regardless of what one may have believed in life, the Church of Dekuna is often called upon to handle burials or cremations according to the family of the deceased's wishes, in the hopes that prayers and offerings to Dekuna will help their loved one's memories to live on in some way.

Thematic Elements

Leading Element: Conquest
Lesser Element: Order
Opposing Element: Natural Law


  • Lives end in death, property turns to dust. Only memories remain once they are gone.
  • Those who do not act are forgotten. Carve one's image in the world's memory.
  • Memories wash away like carvings in sand. Leave them deep that they may last.

Known Heresies/Schisms

  • None
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