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The God of Desperation

The god of caring for and picking up the losers, underdogs and those who have fallen on hard times. The God of Desperation teaches that those who are in need should be cared for without question, and pulled back up from their lowest. He may well be one of the reasons Illiask society continues to function as it does, as even though it can be somewhat cutthroat at times many are reassured by the idea that they will have someone to turn to if they don’t make it and are left with no other options.

As a god of Illiask, they will have a personal name unique to each of their followers, which will come to them during the course of their worship.

Thematic Elements

Leading Element: Unconditional Love
Lesser Element: Natural Law
Opposing Element: Understanding


  • All have their time of need by the end.
  • The higher one reaches, the further they have to fall.
  • Look out for those in need and treat them as one might expect to be treated when most vulnerable.
  • To disregard one in need is to disregard one's own soul.

Known Heresies/Schisms

  • In Illiask, gods are open to all manner of interpretations.
  • Most of the followers of the God of Desperation have expectations of those they help, in favours owed. There is a vocal minority that thinks that they ask too much in return and that the spirit of the teachings, though it is not specified anywhere, is that it should be done out of kindness and without expecting payment. As this is Illiask, the usual response is “what are you going to do about it?”
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