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The Principle of Lineage

The notion of the importance of lineage and bloodline, worshipped as a god. To follow the Principle of Lineage is to recognise the inherent significance of one person above another as determined by the quality of their blood. Unsurprisingly, such worship is therefore often a mandatory part of life in Faltur, and of the Principles it is Lineage that gets the most attention.

Of course, there are plenty who do not approve of this particular Principle thanks to their personal circumstances, and so it is not uncommon to find a church full of people who largely would rather be somewhere else.

Thematic Elements

Leading Element: Hierarchy
Lesser Element: Subjugation
Opposing Element: Change


  • The bloodline is the lifeline of the soul. A better bloodline means a better soul.
  • Always act of a manner befitting of and appropriate to one's station.

Known Heresies/Schisms

  • Only the nobility seriously worship this stuff, most of the congregation are just playing along.
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