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Sukuna, God of Fortune

The Iruspin god of fate and fortune. To follow Sukuna is to acknowledge the elements of chance and luck that pervade all things. Although her purview is traditionally that of luck and chance both good and bad, there is a sizeable following of those who focus on the good luck side of things and interpret her as also representing fortune as in wealth and pray to her in the hopes that they too can find their fortunes in the big city.

The high priests of the Church of Sukuna will generally hold their positions for a couple of years at a time before they are reselected by means of a raffle of sorts - those who contribute resources and services to the church are rewarded with entries in the next raffle proportional to the service provided. A random selection from all of these entries then determines who is selected for the role the next time.

Thematic Elements

Leading Element: Change
Lesser Element: Instinct
Opposing Element: Order


  • All are subject to the whims of fate, for better or for worse.
  • Make the most of circumstance, for it may change without notice.
  • Fortune may be found hidden within all things.
  • It is foolishness to try to decide the outcome of a rolling a die.

Known Heresies/Schisms

  • A core of followers in a purist faction hold that Sukuna represents all sides of fate and chance, good and bad, and look down upon the scores of followers who look to her to help them find wealth and power as being opportunists just looking for ways to sidestep the effort in making it big. In response they argue that Sukuna still seems to grant them her blessings and guidance, so the interpretation can't be wrong.
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