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Taruna, God of Business

The Iruspin god of business and deals. To follow Taruna is to recognise the importance of a professional business plan and attitude in achieving success in the wider world.

The Church of Taruna is generally conducted itself as a business. In the past it has been one of the more powerful entities in the city, but it suffered a recent loss in power and size when one of its priests effectively embezzled its resources for their own personal business gain.

Thematic Elements

Leading Element: Hierarchy
Lesser Element: Intuition
Opposing Element: Self Sacrifice


  • A person has two faces, one in the home and one in the deal.
  • Treat others with respect even when exploiting them for all they are worth.
  • Structure and consistency lead to predictable returns.

Known Heresies/Schisms

  • There is a small faction of those who believe that Taruna's teachings apply on a personal level after the teachings of a former priest who used the Church to further their own power at its own cost. The usual interpretation is that a business (including the Church) should be considered its own entity and that the teachings apply to these and peoples' interactions with them. That is, the Church should be used to further the Church's power rather than its members.
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