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Church Of Principles

The Church of Principles is the state religion of Faltur, Queen Alyssa IV nominally at its head. Because the people of Faltur generally attend the church as part of their duties which are ultimately to the nobility, the church itself has relatively little power. That said, the proximity of those who rise through the ranks of the clergy to the nobility can be enticing to some.

Each of the three wings of the church representing the three Principles has a Bishop at its head, who nominally works for the head of one of the noble houses: the Bishop of Lineage for House Falss, the Bishop of Battle for House Elendia and the Bishop of the Hearth for House Targana.


To sustain and promote the Way of Principles throughout Faltur.


2 - As the state religion of Faltur the Church has buildings all over the nation.



  • Information 1: A wide array of Way of Principles visions
  • Logistics 1: Arranging a regular schedule of sermons

Membership Cost

4 Favour = 1 rank

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