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House Asha

One of the noble houses of Faltur, records suggest that House Asha is as old as the other houses, but was much smaller until around the time House Falss regained the throne from House Lune, when it grew in size and importance. There are rumours that these records are a fabrication, but the people of Faltur generally know better than to claim this out loud.

House Asha and its servants are typically focused on dealing with information. In addition to having people on hand to research whatever they may need to know and maintaining the majority of the nations records and archives, it is rumoured that House Asha has an extensive spy network in and around Faltur.


To ensure that Faltur's nobility is well informed, as is the duty of their bloodline.


2 - As a noble house their reach covers all of Faltur.



  • Govern/Logistics 2: They help to run Faltur and keep its records in order
  • Information 2: Goings on in and around Faltur

Membership Cost

8 Favour = 1 rank

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