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House Elendia

One of the noble houses of Faltur, for historic reasons House Elendia and those in their employ are often involved with slightly more outward-looking affairs such as negotiations with neighbours, external war campaigns and exploration and cartography.

The House has its own small private army attached to it, which in the past was used as a strike force to claim territory and expand the nation. Having somewhat floundered due to House Falss' temporary deposition, they are not currently generally used for much beyond additional local peacekeeping.

Although this would leave them best placed of the noble houses to wrest control from House Falss, the general view within the house is that their place is not in charge, and so they work with the ruling family for the overall betterment of Faltur. Or at least its nobility.


To see Faltur's place in the world is well-established, as is the duty of their bloodline.


2 - As a noble house their reach covers all of Faltur.



  • Govern/Travel 2 - They diplome with Faltur's neighbours and deal with external affairs
  • Military 1 - House Elendia has its own small private army

Membership Cost

6 Favour = 1 rank

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