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House Falss

As the largest and most powerful noble house of Faltur, House Falss and their servants are the most concerned with government and the overall management of the kingdom's affairs. Queen Alyssa Falss IV at their head, they have a lineage going back hundreds of years and have been the ruling family for as long as all known records indicate, save a period when they were briefly overthrown by the now-dead House Lune.

The Royal Guard handle much of their military concerns as well as ensuring that the Queen is well protected, and of course they have dealings with the other houses, Elendia, Targana and Asha.


To rule Faltur and see it through better or worse, as is the right of their bloodline.


2 - As the ruling house of Faltur's nobility, they are effectively in charge of Faltur.



  • Govern 3 - Rule and organise the affairs of all Faltur
  • Information 1 - Faltur Nobility

Membership Cost

8 Favour = 1 rank

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